The foundation to every defensive content system.

The video business card is a new form of business storytelling that originates from actual business cards properties. It shows your business' personality, your amazing story, and why you're better than the current competition. This separates you from the rest in your industry and puts you at the top in a visually grabbing, emotional, and well-crafted video. The video business card creates a sense of relatability for your audience, which should make their decision-making process quicker which tips to your side of the scale.

Since most business cards are either forgotten or tossed out within the first few minutes of exchanging information, but with the power of video, its properties can be utilized in a defensive strategy that's 100x effective and efficient than a traditional business card. In addition, it saves you time from explaining your business over and over again.



The Zion Creative first schedules a deep dive session to prepare the interviewee. The deep dive session helps to create a more organic and fluid interview shoot. We go over all the questions that is going to be asked so that the interviewee is not caught off guard and better prepared with statements and answers. The deep dive also gives the interviewee the opportunity to become a bit more open in front of a camera.


The fun part begins. The interview usually lasts between 1-2 hours. But the deep dive makes this process feel quicker than it actually is. We aim for a true and real interview that has a more candid style. This interview is usually done at the place of business in a natural setting or with our portable studio backdrop.


Once the interview concludes, we shoot a variety of b-roll footage of you in your element to show your audience your world. This can take 2 or 3 different shoot dates depending on the visual that is needed to be seen. For example if you say during the interview "each year we donate a day for employees to volunteer at the local shelter" then we schedule a shoot when that happens to show your audience a visual representation. Typically most b-roll footage can be captured as soon as the interview concludes.


The video business card is important to a business because when your potential customers or clients want to know your are or what your business is about, the video business provides all of that information into a jam-packed video that's two-three minutes long and grabs their attention. That's what marketing is about, grabbing the attention of your audience and keeping them in your circle rather than your competition.

The Infalible Fit (Formerly known as JCEE Fitness LLC)

United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy

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