Advertising Video:

to broadcast products or services to a larger audience.

If you have a product or service that you need to show to a wide range of target audiences, then the advertising video is a solution to consider. While traditionally an advertising video is presented on television, advertising on social media has now been an effective way to reach your specific demographic. Top social media companies have so much data on their users, that it's now easy for all types of businesses to acquire the information they need to advertise on their platforms. Other great places to consider advertising are electronic billboards, events, popular business sites, movies., etc.

No matter the choice of platform, showing your product or service to a large audience will get their attention. And the more advertising you do, the better chances it becomes to reach your goal whether that'd be being a household name, selling a large number of units, or having a general campaign that solidifies your branding. Usually, the best stories win.


We like to think of it as a blueprint to follow. After a brainstorming session and a visual plan have been put in place, we turn those ideas into a script. Which then will be storyboarded to give a visual element to the blueprint. Then right location, cast, crew, and equipment will begin with scouting, casting, and rentals. All of this is needed to put together a rock-solid advertising video.


Once all the pieces are put together, we then begin the production phase. We shoot at the right location(s), the actors perform what's written on the script, and the crew records the performance to bring your product or service to life. Your company representative may be on-set to gauge the scope of work that is being put together, providing recommendations if needed from the director.


When the advertising video production has concluded, we take the recorded audio and video and prepare the media files so there is a backup. The post-production team (typically the editor, colorist, audio engineer, and producer) all work in tandem to piece the media files together into one or multiple videos. Depending on the final platform you've decided to choose for the video to be presented on, the editing team will take the aspect ratios and format the video accordingly to the recommended ratio.

If you are wanting an advertising video for your company, schedule a time with The Zion Creative.