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Social Media Video

If there is a certain product of service that you need to show to a wide-range audience or a target audience, then having a social media video is right for your business. The overwhelming amount of data that is collected through social media is massively increasing year after year. If gives businesses a chance to advertise in a traditional way while being in a non-traditional platform. Major social media companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube to name a few have seen an increase user engagement in recent years to provide you with data driven analysis that gives any social media video an increased  chance at success.


The trick of the game is to engage your audience in a way that targets their interest, either by providing a value or redeem a form of a gift. But the ultimate way to win is with strategy, creating a funnel that takes the audience through an experience that filters out the window-shoppers and keep the committed shoppers.

1. Strategy

The biggest momentum you can have for this type of video to set your business up for success is by creating a solid video strategy. We'll brainstorm together a series of video plans that takes your audience through a funnel that sifts out the window shoppers and collects data or possibly sway the decision makers your way. 

2. Copy & video

There is no point in marketing in the social media space if the video strategy, copy and video message is not up to par. We ensure that the copy is written in a way that speaks to your audience while viewing something they can relate or emote with. Copy and video work hand-in-hand. Whether it's the copy for main title, description, or the copy within the video. The copy and video ads will change once we collect more data on your audience.

3. Data collection

If you can withstand a whole month of data collection, your chances at understanding your audience is greater. And the better you understand your audience, the greater chances of performing better with sale of your product or service. Once we figure out exactly what is working with your audience in regards to the right copy, video ad, or overall campaign then we will begin to we're either in the right direction or not. 

The Social Media Video

a way to surgically target your audience.

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