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Video Series

The Video Series is a series of videos that provides information on a certain topic or subject. There is no particular length the video series need to be but rather the right information being presented in a full batch of videos. Why is the video series important? It gives your business the opportunity to be the leading expert in the subject. People are searching for your practice or product in search engines, and if you happen to be speaking on the matter, it gives the appearance that you are the expert in the matter.


Most recently, business owners have been utilizing the video series as a way to create an avenue for income with their knowledge on a particular subject. But the video series can be utilized in a wide-array of ways such as an FAQ section in your website that answers all that is unknown about your business. Which ever route you want to take, the video series, needs to be implemented with a plan or strategy.

1. Brainstorm Session

During the brainstorming session, we uncover the main goal of your video series. But most importantly, we uncover the why. Why are we shooting a series a videos for your customers and clients. Once we understand that, it will allow us to proceed into the the next phase of the brainstorming session. The next phase is to map out the video series. This allows us to stay focused on the main subject without steering a different direction. It will also give you an opportunity to foresee any questions or concerns that may arise at a later point.

2. Lights.. camera.. action

When the pre-production is complete, we take the schematics of what was planned and shoot the video series. This typically takes around three full shoot dates or one week to complete. Number of shoot dates varies from subject to subject. But we what should happen is to ensure that the information being extracted is correct and follows the guidelines of your schematics. 

3. Extra

Once all the main talking points have been recorded, we shoot extra footage to enhance the experience of the viewer. If there needs to be a 'how-to' video explaining a certain product or service, then we plan for that section in your video series. Just like b-roll footage, we do our best to give your audience a pleasurable visual experience from beginning-to-end to maximize the potential success.

The Video Series

created by experts like you.

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