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Video Testimonial

The video testimonial is the single highest converting video ever to be created. Why? Because it takes you as the business out of the equation and allows your past client to truthfully speak on the company's behalf with their experience, benefits, or happiness from using your service or product. From the perspective of the audience, it gives that person a relatable past client to listen to and reassures them that they are making the right but best decision.


If used correctly, the video testimonial is both a defensive and offensive asset. It is most effective when equipped with a strategy that puts prospects through a funnel and having those prospects land in intended landing pages to create a bigger world for your audience. Defensively, if a prospect has any hesitations, you can simply send them an array or even single testimonials to help with their decision making choice.

1. Deep Dive

As much as we want the testimonials to be a candid interview, it's best to prepare the interviewee before hand. Whether that is right before the actually interview or a date before the interview. Because lets face it, not all people are great at providing an answer or comfortable being in front of a camera, which is why it is necessary to prepare the interviewee ahead of the interview.

2. Interview

Once the deep dive session is complete, we move to the interview process. In this stage, we conduct the interview in a candid, authentic, and non-biased manner. We get the interviewee prepped for a stand or sit-down interview where they will be able to shed light on the services or products they have interacted with, providing a full commentary on what they liked, didn't like, or otherwise feel needs improving. We go through a full spectrum of questions for you to utilize for your own data while getting an amazing testimonial for your product and services.

3. Shooting Footage

To fully create a visually appealing, effective, efficient testimonial, we shoot b-roll footage to go along with what the interviewee is saying in his/her testimonial. For instance, if the interviewee is speaking on having a one-on-one with you, we include that in the final video to demonstrate how simple and easy-going that certain process is. By including b-roll it turns a commentary interview into a brighter array of visuals that brings prospects into your world.

The Video Testimonial is the

highest converting video asset every business needs.

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